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Catwoman, Vol. 3: Death of the Family - Ann Nocenti, Rafa Sandoval Star Rating Art: 4 Stars
Star Rating Story: 1 Stars

Netgalley Review.

Like how catwoman drawn a lot. Joker not as gross and discusting in this one. For the most part I am really liking the art.: Catwoman totally hot. I love her short black hair. The joker isn’t as discusting in this version of events. I’m giving up after 64 pages. I’m bored as hell and I don’t want to waste anymore reading time on this. I really liked the other books (of the 3 I’ve read) so I’m bummed I didn’t like this more. But Catwoman, totally hot.

Quotes: “And another thing. You can’t even smile. All you can do is unzip your face.” -Catwoman to Joker