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Owly, Vol. 3: Flying Lessons - Andy Runton Star Rating Art: 5 Stars
Star Rating Story: 5 Stars

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One of my favorite things about this graphic novel series is that there is no text to read. It’s all images. Occasionally, that does make it a little hard to understand what the artist/author is trying to say. I do kinda wish it were in color. This series is very Juicy. Juicy is a term my husband came up with for feel good, happy, warm and fuzzy feelings. Even my three year old son is using the term now. The Owl is so tenderhearted. The worm, is adorable especially when he sticks his tongue out when he is concentrating. The Racoon makes an appearance, it’s so fuzzy and cute. Every issue seems to introduce another animal. This issue, it seems to be a flying squirrel. LOVE how the worm gets to fly on the squirrel’s back. I guess I never noticed that the Owl doesn’t fly. In this volume, he gets flying lessons. Super Juicy!!!

A little bit of anxiety when the poor Owl wakes up and his best buddy who normally sleeps next to him isn’t in his bed.

Recommendations: If you like Mutts or anything with animals, you will love this.