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Vitriol the Hunter - Brent  Allen, Billy Martin Star Rating Art: 5 Stars
Star Rating Story: 4 Stars

Netgalley Review.

First Impression: I’m liking the art, especially the colors.

Plot/Storyline: Cute. I find it surprisingly good. I don’t think the plot is spectacular, but I think it’s really fun.

Art/Colors: I’m liking how the people/vampires are kinda cartoony. Very well done, campy but fun. Loving the dark and bold colors. I like the angles on the peoples faces. Very original art, hence the 5 stars. I also really like how the artist portrays eyes. They look awesome.

Characters: Vitrol, is a jerk. But he’s good at what he does.

Writing: Average to good. I really enjoyed this and hope at some point this will come out for the kindle.

Recommendations: If you like Vampires and if you like campy stuff.

“My life is clouded with stupid judgements. I have nothing else!” Vitrol