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Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson - Jeff Guinn 4 Stars.

Goodreads First Reads winner.

Overall, this was a very well done book. I’m normally not a non-fiction reader, but really thought I might like this since I like reading about Serial Killers. The book was well researched, and had a huge notes section at the end of the book. The only chapters I didn’t like were the investigation and trial chapters. Those were really tedious and should have been made smaller.

Now for the Spoilers.

I didn’t know that Manson had known one of the Beach Boys, or that Manson had half wrote one of their B side songs. Candace Bergen’s name show’s up a lot. I am curious why the author had to mention Cass Elliots weight. Everyone knows she was overweight, there was no reason for it. It was rude and snarky. The author is obviously a raging republican and hates hippies. At one point he even states “ For a change, a portion of a major American city was being torn apart by whites, not blacks.” Seriously dude???

Over all it’s a very good book and I’d recommend it if you are into reading about Serial Killers.