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East of West, Vol. 1: The Promise - Jonathan Hickman, Nick Dragotta
Star Rating Art: 4 Stars
Star Rating Story: 3.5 Stars

Netgalley Review

First Impression: Am liking the art. Intreaguing SP? comes to mind.

Plot/Storyline: Very confusing, not sure if I will want to read other volumes. I can’t get a good handle on what the heck is going on. Some background would be nice and a little more explanation could really help .Interesting concept to have Death portrayed in white (though he does ride a black horse). I didn’t finish it because honestly, I was just confused most of the time. I’m glad I didn’t purchase this, so I didn’t lose any money on it.

Art/Colors: Love how 3 main characters are in white tones while the rest are not.

Writing: I find it a bit hard to follow.
Warnings: Violent. I normally don’t mind violence in graphic novels, but it seemed to be unnecessarily violent in places. This is coming from someone who loves the Walking Dead graphic novels.

Quotes: “Love makes you into something better.”