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Gunnerkrigg Court, Vol. 1: Orientation - Thomas Siddell Gorgeous hard cover and beautiful paper! Love love the art.It will be nice to read this from the beginning! Love, love,love this. So glad I was introduced to this series through Netgalley. (I read volume 4 and have now gone back and bought all of the books.) Great story, great art. 5 stars.
Chapter one, a nice intro to Antmony. I like the explanation of the classes in the uk at the end.
Chapter 2- introducing kat with long hair. I read vol 4 first from net galley. They get a real Minotaur from the older library and bring him to class. Very amusing. At the end a cute little explanation of how the students are bunked.
Chapter 3- Reynardine introduced and ends up in Annie's toy
Chapter4- mort the ghost is introduced.
Chapter 5- Zimmy and Gamma are introduced.
Chapter6- cute little story with Annie and kat
Chapter 7- More Annie, kat and Reynardine. Robot and Shadow2 come back and fight with Reynardine. Ends on a cliffhanger.
Chapter 8- in which Kat rescues Annie from the forest. Annie meets some fairies while in forest. At end of this chapter there's a cute description of regional fairies.
Chapter 9- Annie gets detention, kat meets mort
Chapter 10- old fashioned cheesy Sci Fi cover going on. Annie is forced to have fun in a special class.
Chapter 11- more of Zimmy and Gamma
Chapter 12- a story with robots.
Chapter 13- kat falls for a temporary student who turns out robe a bird. Weird.
Chapter 14- final issue of book and class year. Glad I already ordered rest of them