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Colder - Juan Ferreyra, Paul Tobin, Scott Allie, Daniel Chabon


Star Rating Art:   4 Stars

Star Rating Story: 4 Stars


Netgalley Review


First Impression:  hmmm. Can’t remember why I wanted to review this. It looks like horror and i’m not a big fan of horror though its not a total turn off to me.Not sure how I feel about how the mentally ill are portrayed in this book.


Plot/Storyline: REALLY original. Really good. The writing is great. Hard to describe.


Art/Colors:  One image that I find particularly facinating and they use repeatedly throughout the graphic novel, is the image of the hard with all the arteries and veins highlighted.  You will know it when you see it. If you’ve read it, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Really amazing artwork there.  I like when the characters slip into the other world, everything becomes black and white. The scary dog hands are freaking creapy. You have to see them to understand.


Characters: Evil character (Jack Nimble) reminds me of Joker from Batman.  Declan is the man who gets colder, aka the main character. I really like him, and find him believable and realistic.  I just hate his name.


Warnings: I could have done without the mild graphic scene of a dead rat. I had pet rats and loved them dearly. Graphic, dark, depressing. Don’t read if you don’t like blood and scary stuff.


There is going to be a Colder 2 next year!!!!