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The Skin Collector

The Skin Collector (Lincoln Rhyme) by Deaver, Jeffery (2014) Hardcover - Jeffery Deaver

3 Stars

don’t bother


I was so excited when I came back to reading that there were two more Jeffrey Deaver Lincoln Rhyme Novels.  I love this series but I don’t really like the Katherine Dance novels that much.  I read the Kindle edition and there were some minor formatting errors which were a little annoying but I lived with them.


The beginning is a bit slow and a bit formulaic (is that a word?).  But just when I didn’t think I could take the play by play content of going over the crime scene again things begin to get interesting.  And of course all the damned tables which make up filler space for me have shown up..  Those are really annoying to me. And I was hoping they were dropped.  


What is interesting about the book is the premise.  Like most of the novels in this series, the book starts with a murder of a youngish girl.  The murder killed her by tattooing her with poison.  I have no idea if that’s even possible but it’s an interesting topic.  I love tattoos (I think I have close to 10 individual tattoos) so this concept is pretty cool to me.

I read somewhere around 75% of the book and I think that’s a fair amount to give a review of the book.  This was way to formulaic and it got very boring. I don’t want to waste my precious time finishing the last of this book when I don’t really cares what happens that much.