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Rat Queens vol 3

Rat Queens Vol 3: Demons - Kurtis J. Wiebe


3 stars borrow it.

This volume was a disappointment to me. All the drama with Hannah's dad I didn't like. I finished the violence and cussing and funny lines. Then. Found out that Rat Queens is now only a web comic. Sigh. Hopefully they'll still publish volumes of it. Bummer.

Issue 11 starts with Hannah's dad and the girls being locked up by goblins. Betty's attitude is funny. The girls head off to the University to help Hannah's father and the issue ends with Betty in trouble. Issue 12 the girls find trouble in a dank cave. A more serious issue. chapter 13 is disjointed and all over the place. The girls are at Mage University and each are doing there own thing. Chapter 14. Betty and violet meet Daniel the dragon and it's very funny. There's some really boring stuff with Hannah and her mother. Dee finds out stuff about Hannah's past and is rather upset.


“Getting stabby with some Gobbos”