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GunnerKrigg Court Vl 1 Reread

Gunnerkrigg Court, Vol. 1: Orientation [Hardcover] - Thomas Siddell

I’m going to be doing a bunch of rereads for now. I’m not up for full length books yet.  Just FYI. I still need my commute time to focus on music which is helping me cope. Eventually I’ll be back to books but for now. I’ll get in small amounts of reading when I can.

Still an amazingly gorgeous hardcover book.  The first chapter doesn’t give much info on what is going on. It just drops you sort of into Antimony’s life.  This is my second read so I know what is what but I can imagine the first chapter could be a little off putting (though reading my original review I didn’t seem put off by it).  I still love the art. The story is just as fun as the first time around. I like Annie's relationship with the ghost Mort. Chapter 10 again is really cheesy and I didn't like that one too much. It was ok but I prefer hearing about the school. I ended up really liking chapter 13 this time around which the first time I thought was weird. I also found the last chapter hard to follow.  But over all I’d still give this 5 stars. Love this series.