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Asshole: Sweary Coloring Book

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4 Stars


So I'm choosing to review this coloring book first as I just received it for my birthday. Now with coloring books, you can't wait until you've colored all the pages before you can review otherwise I’d never get around to reviewing them.. Well, some people might. But I have massive pile of coloring books. So as I finish an image in each book, I will do a review.


As most of you know, I haven't been around because of a major relapse of my depression. Coloring has helped some with my anxiety. The paper quality of this book isn't great. While for regular books it really isn't that important, for coloring it can make or break. The paper isn't terrible but compared to Brasfords coloring books or some other coloring books, the paper really should be better.  The pictures just come out looking only so so.   On the other hand, the book really is hysterical. I love the pictures and the cusswords. So it really is a lot of fun. I’m only going to post one colored in picture because 1- it’s all i’ve done and 2- I’m worried about copyright issues.


So overall, definitely a fun as hell (had to!) coloring book, but I wish the paper were better quality.  Ug. Can't figure out how to insert the image without having to upload it first. Will post seperately. Sorry