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Elves #1: The Crystal of the Blue Elves 1/2

Elves #1: The Crystal of the Blue Elves 1/2 - Jean-Luc Istin, Takao Saito

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I really loved the art in this. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the story or not but by the end, I really wanted to see what was next.  I felt like you were kind of thrown into the middle of the story without much background. The numbering is a bit weird, but I suspect it’s because it’s a foreign comic. I will be interested to see where this might go.

Description (Comixology): The Blue Elves of Ennlya, a small port town of Nordrenn, have been murdered!Lanawyn, a Blue Elf, and Turin, her human ally, set out to discover who is responsible. The trail they uncover leads back to a clan of Yrlans - Northern men who hate Elves.At the same time, Vaalann, a young Blue Elf, undergoes a dangerous test, that of the Water of the Senses. Her future, as divined by The Mother Prophetess, is closely linked to the Sacred Crystal... A powerful artifact, which enables the wielder to control the Ocean itself!Could Vaalann be the messiah that the Blue Elves have been waiting generations for?