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Mage Inc #3

Mage Inc. #3 - Shon C. Bury

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Kiera and Albert have to break into someone’s house. Things do not go according to plan. Albert is about to get chewed out and Kiera stumbles across something and then the issue ends kind of abruptly.  I really like this series. It’s funny, cute and all around a good time. However, the issues seem particularly short, shorter than most individual comics. A bit of a downer because I’ll just be getting back into the series and bamn it's over. Sigh. Also, this is being read on Comixology and for some reason you can’t subscribe to this series. So I only accidently found out there was a third issue.  I definitely recommend the series, especially if you are into young adult graphic novels, fantasy graphic novels.

Description: (Comixology)The Intern

The only thing Keira Zeleznovova wants is to be an apprentice at Mage, Inc., but her curmudgeon-y mentor always has one more Intent To Use Magic file to fill out. Through mishaps and trials as an unpaid intern, Keira quickly realizes that there’s more paperwork and near death experiences to magic than she could ever imagine. Maybe one day she'll become a powerful mage in her own right.