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Rat Queens #11

RAT QUEENS #11 (MR) - Cool Image

5 Stars, BUY IT!!!!!


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Ha! I finally have time to read a single issue comic during my lunch break.


The girls are being held prisoner by goblins. Betty of course gets them out. She is so adorable and so freaking funny. Hannah’s father (I think it’s Hannah so bad with names) is causing problems so off the girls go.


I FUCKING LOVE THIS COMIC. If you aren’t reading it, what the hell is wrong? This is my favorite comic out right now, maybe even better than Saga.  I love the cussing and that the girls are not stupid wall flowers. OMG can’t get enough of Betty. And this issue is left on a cliff hanger damn it!!! Why can’t this comic come out more often. So consistently awesome.



“ Getting Stabby with some Gobos!” Betty of course.

“I’m back bucket fuckers!”- Hannah (i think)


Description: (Comixology)"DEMONS" Road Trip! Having survived the end of the world, the Queens follow Hannah back to where it all began: Mage University. With Necromancers being hunted by a mysterious cadre of religious zealots, Hannah will see to it that the Council of Ten, the overseers of the mage community, do something about it.