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Robert the Bruce

By Jack Whyte Robert the Bruce (The Guardians) (1st First Edition) [Paperback] - Jack Whyte

3.5 Borrow it


Self Purchase, Kindle Edition

I’m pulled into the world and story very easily.  This is a great (though not amazing) book. I love the characters and love the story.  Robert the Bruce is a very likeable character. I did feel like the novel ended weirdly. I would have thought the book covers his entire life but it only covers until he’s 23 or so.  The second book in the series is about William Wallace, so I’m confused about the ending. I’m not very good with very political story lines so the political parts made my head spin a bit.  Not a bad book but also nothing earth shattering. Worth a read but you don’t need to buy the book.


Jack Whyte is the author of this book and is also the author of the Camuloud series (which I seriously recommend). I want to mention the Camuloud series because I named my cat Merlyn. Merlyn is a character from the Camuloud series.