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Jem & the Holograms #5


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I recently read someone else’s review of the first Jem and Holograms issue. I was sad that the person didn’t like it,  as I totally love the series. I always question my own judgement when someone else doesn’t like something I love. I do have to agree that Jerrica is a little pathetic but I was a child in the 80’s so Jem was a big thing for my sister and I. I think my favorite characters are Kimber and Jem. Anyway,  Jem and everyone else is on stage performing and the lighting starts to fall on them. Aja pushes Jem out of the way and is injured. The Misfits are furious because of all the attention Jem is getting.


Again, I LOVE that there are lesbian characters. I love that Jem is talking more to synergy now. I like that synergey is a person/character as well. Also, I have to admit the music flash back scenes sort of confused me. But once I got to the end realized it was current scenes. Yeay! Kimber and the girl from the misfits (again, I’m terrible with names) get another kiss. YEAY for girl on girl kisses!! And it seems most of the characters are in love. But then they all seem to get into fights. Booo.  A big food fight breaks out and thus this issue ends.


Overall, still fantastic series that I really recommend anyone who liked Jem in the 80’s read. The art is awesome, in particular the bright and awesome colors. A must read.


Description (Comixology): A disaster at the HOLOGRAMS' first live show nearly ends JEM's music career before it starts! Now KIMBER learns who's behind the dangerous "accident"... and she's out for revenge.