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Monster Elementary

Monster Elementary Volume 1 - Nicholas Doan

3 Stars, borrow it

Self Purchase, Comixology


Decided to read this now because I saw the kickstarter for volume 2 and if I like this I want to be part of volume 2 kickstarter.


A collection of stories of little monsters in an elementary school that gets raided by the FBI and all of the monsters have to go to human public school.  At first I really liked it and decided to donate to the second kickstarter. But by the middle of the book I was starting to get bored. This is not a young kids book that adults would like. I’m sort of regretting donating to volume 2 but maybe I’ll like that one better.


Description (Comixology): When the FBI closes Desmodus, Lukos, Francesca, Rags and Gilda's monsters-only school, they are forced by their parents to attend a public school to continue their education. Now, they must try to fool their classmates and faculty all while navigating the horrors of growing up!


Monster Elementary is a 92 page graphic novel for all ages written by Nicholas Doan with art by Caanan Grall, Lee-Roy Lahey, Cal Moray, Josh Gowdy, Christopher Tupa, Patty Variboa, Daniele Serra and Bobby Timony.