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Gone With the Wind

Gone with the Wind - Margaret Mitchell


5 Stars. Buy it




This was definitely a favorite while I was growing up and helped me really like long novels. One thing I’m noticing is that despite being quite a bit older since I’ve last read this, is that it’s still really hard to understand when the slaves are talking.  


DAMN it. My heart broke all over again. It’s just not fair that Scarlett basically loses everything she has just as she realizes what she had.  I’m finally going to have to finally read the follow up, though I know it is not written by Mitchell. Because I can’t be left hanging like this. OMG.


The book is beautifully done, but there are definitely some slow spots- not at the end though.  I love the scene when Scarlett confesses her undying love for Ashley and then Rhett over hears the whole to do.  It makes me smile it’s so funny.    I’d completely forgotten that Scarlett shoots a yankee soldier. Also, I forgotten it takes so long to get to the part where Scarlett and Rhett get married. I was at about 74% in before Scarlett’s 2nd husband was killed


Scarlett, How I’ve missed you! I missed your insanity, your stupidness and your unbelievable strength you show during the war.  You definitely have man issues but we love you anyway.


Ashley-  I still don’t understand why in heaven’s name that Scarlett was in love with him.  I understand why I would be in love with him. But Scarlett? I can only still think that she loved him only because she couldn’t have him.


Rhett- So in love with his delvish character.  But I was rather mad at him for abandoning Scarlett when she was taking Melanie and the kids back to Tara. I mean seriously. And how can he leave Scarlett at the end of the book.


Anyway overall it’s still a fantastic book and my heart broke all over again. I will definitely be reading the follow up in hopes there is a better ending.