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Mage, Inc. #2

Mage, Inc #2 - Ian Wayanto, C. Shon Bury

4.5 Stars, Buy it


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Keira’s mentor is in deep trouble for something that happened in issue 1. But Albert, is sort of forced to take Keira out on another call in which they are trying to recruit a freelance mage. While on the call, Keira and Albert are attacked by mythological creatures. Albert seems to be warming up to Keira. That’s about it.


I really like Keira’s character (and her name!). She’s fiesty and a bunch of trouble. Plus anyone with pink hair rocks.I love the little gizmo type creature that is in the background of Mage Inc.  Again, i like the fact that Albert Lamus, and some other characters are black. It’s not often there are people of color or other ethnicities in some of these comics. I like the story line. But these issues are too damned short!! ARG.   Great little comic. I’m giving this issue a 4.5 stars because more things are happening and it’s getting more interesting.


Description (Comixology): The only thing Keira Zeleznovova wants is to be an apprentice at Mage, Inc., but her curmudgeon-y mentor always has one more Intent To Use Magic file to fill out. Through mishaps and trials as an unpaid intern, Keira quickly realizes that there’s more paperwork and near death experiences to magic than she could ever imagine. Maybe one day she'll become a powerful mage in her own right.