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The Autumnlands: Tooth + Claw #6


5 Stars, Buy it


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Again with the weird book cover page after a page or two of comic. I don’t get these at all. Anyway, this is it. The parley with the Bison tribe.  7 Scars (head of Bison) meets with the Champion. The parley is broken and of course there is fighting. Gharta and the others imprisoned are rescued by Dusty. There are tons of fleeing characters and lots of chaos. I won’t say more than that as it’s a good issue and should be read.


Oh, incase I haven’t mentioned this before, this series isn’t meant for anyone younger than teens. It’s heavy on violence (though not gratuitously) and there is explicit cussing. But those things don’t bother me. Anyway, this is a seriously intense issue. I could feel my heart racing as I read it.  Arg I hate that damned Owl. And Poor Dusty. UGH! Great issue but it’s left with a huge cliffhanger as the end of story arc 1.  And I read the letter in the back, and like with Saga, this comic is taking a little bit of a break. NNNNOOOOOO!!! You can’t get me hooked on these stories and then take breaks. Sob. Not fair!!!


Overall fantastic and I’m dying to read more (in case you hadn’t noticed). I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes comic books.

List of characters for my reference.


Councillor Sandorst- is the owl

Dunstan/Dusty- White dog/terrier

Gharta- is the warthog

Goodfoot- fox/coyote

Leahroyd- the champion (and only human)

Affa- Giraffe