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Mage Inc. #1

Mage Inc.: Issue 1 - Aris Aguiar, Ian Waryanto, C. Shon Bury


4 Stars, Buy it

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I picked this up because I saw the 2nd issue in the new releases and thought it looked like it might be up my alley.  Keira is a young woman with pink hair who has just started her internship at Mage Inc. Albert Lamus is her boss and isn’t exactly thrilled to be there. (I’m impressed they have an African American Mage actually!) Albert has to go around collecting dues from Mages.  I like they have definitions of magical terms- though not really sure if they are made up or not.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this. I think the art is all computer generated (not a bad thing really) but I do tend to like hand drawn work better. The art is very good despite being computer generated and the story is pretty decent too. My only real complaint: It’s much too damn short!!!! At least there is another issue which I’ll pick up. Also, Comixology doesn’t have a way to subscribe to this series, so I’m just going to have to keep my eyes on the new comics section

Description (Comixology):The only thing Keira Zeleznovova wants is to be an apprentice at Mage, Inc., but her curmudgeon-y mentor always has one more Intent To Use Magic file to fill out. Through mishaps and trials as an unpaid intern, Keira quickly realizes that there’s more paperwork and near death experiences to magic than she could ever imagine. Maybe one day she'll become a powerful mage in her own right.