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Saga #30

Saga #30 - Brian K. Vaughan

5 Stars, buy it.

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Love the cover on this issue. Alana appears again in what seems like a million issues and she attacks a guard to get free. She gets some extra help escaping. Alana’s mother in law has the daughter but then they are recaptured.  Oh thank the gods- Marko and Alana are back together. That’s about it but that was more than enough and it was emotional and awesome.


One thing I’m not happy with is that Alana used the term retard.  Retard is slang and I get it but it is also extremely insulting and really hurts people who are mentally challenged. I would much prefer the F word or anything else. Of course I should have kept reading before jumping to comment because the person who was insulted raised a fuss about the term and I appreciate that Vaughan was able to address that a little.


I normally do not have time to read the columns and letters at the back of the issue but I did glance at it this time and was disapointed that there is now going to be a little hiatus. So not happy!!  But they had a funny survival guide which was amusing.


Anyway, this was back to awesomeness, I didn’t LOVE the last several issues but this one totally rocked my world.

Description (COmixology): Sooner or later, everything dies.