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Gotham Academy #8

Gotham Academy (2014-) #8 - Brenden Fletcher, Karl Kerschl, Becky Cloonan

4 Stars, Buy it


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LOVE the cover of this issue. Purple is awesome. Anyway, I really could have used a recap on this issue, I couldn’t remember who died so I was pretty confused at first. One of the kids is able turn into some kind of bat like creature.  Olive is mad at Kyle and is hurting from the loss. Mia and Kyle confront Tristan who runs off. Stuff happens, Olive confesses to Kyle that she’s behind some of the stuff happening at the school. Anyway, we find out at the end who died and it turns out I didn’t miss anything. Olive’s mom had died and sent her a letter.


Still loving the coloring and art.. Still love Mia (Maps) character, she is too cute and awesome.  Anyway, over all good issue (but not fantastic).  I really love this series so I’m still recommending people buy it. Art continues to be consistent and the writing as well.  Great young adult comic.


Description (Comixology): Classes are suspended for a funeral. So, is it really true that grieving students get all As?