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Trees #10

Trees #10 - Warren Ellis

3.5 Stars, Borrow


Self Purchase, Comixology


This issue starts with the new Mayor and some political crap I found rather boring. Meanwhile, Dr. Jo is starting her new job.


I’m still really digging the art in this series. However, I’m not thrilled with this second story arc. I like Dr. Jo’s character and will definitely keep reading. But, this issue sorta stunk. First of all, it seemed extra short. Secondly, Absolutely nothing interesting happened. Ugh. Not thrilled but I’m still holding out hope that the story of the trees and the people come back into play more.  I still miss the people from the first arc.   Sometimes I find it hard to decide whether to recommened buying or borrowing it because I’d say buy it for the entire series, but if going on just an issue, I’d say borrow.


Description (Comixology): The new mayor of New York City has a plan, and it involves the drowned Downtown area. Dr. Jo Creasy doesn't have a plan at all, and that's why she's been dropped into the remote Orkney Islands in search of something that might end the world.