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The Autumnlands: Tooth + Claw #5

Autumnlands Tooth and Claw #5 - Kurt Busiek

4 Stars, buy it


Self Purchase, Comixology


Councillor Sandorst places Gharta and Affa under arrest.  Goodfoot is still plotting with the Bison. Meanwhile, the Champion is working on some secret stuff. Dusty seems to be the narrator most of the time and I like him a lot. Overall this is a decent issue but not as exciting as some of the previous ones.  The Owl (Councillor Sandorst) seriously makes me mad. But every comic needs a bad guy. But the anxiety he provokes! Anyway still a great series and I still recommend buying it.


Description (Comixology): The conspirators make their move, but the Champion has a few surprises for them.