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Trees #9

Trees #9 - Warren Ellis

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Not really sure what to make of the beginning of this new story arc. I’m really kind of confused. It seems that most of the people from the research facility story line have died in helicopter crash but Jo has survived. Then the government is asking her to take on some kind of new project.  I still really like this but can’t tell exactly what is going on so I had to down rate this a little. But overall I would still recommend buying this series.


Description (Comixology): Beginning the second TREES story, "Two Forests." The Orkney Tree, set among the standing stones of that remote island, seems almost like it was always meant to be there. But, following the events in Svalbard, it could be nothing but a vast unexploded bomb. Across the Atlantic, there is a new mayor in New York City, who grew up under the shadow of the Manhattan Tree. And he might be the bigger threat.