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The Autumnlands: Tooth + Claw #4

Autumnlands Tooth and Claw #4 - N/A, Kurt Busiek

4.5 Stars, Buy it


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I really love this series so far, but that being said, I still don’t get the opening pages of this series. In every issue it almost starts like a book. It’s a bit weird but so far it really is the only thing I don’t like much about the series.


The champion and the white dog go to investigate why the group was attacked by bats and also to see the Bison situation. Meanwhile Goodfoot is manipulating Councillor Sandorst and is plotting the destruction of the survivors or so it seems. The champion and Dusty return to the group and the champion is bargening with Goodfoot.  The issue pretty much ends there.


I like this issue, but not quite as much as the others. I realize not every issue can be jammed pack full of action so I feel a bit guilty for downgrading this issue.  But overall the art is still fantastic, and the writing is great.  This is a great comic, but recommend starting from the beginning. But still the plot did move and I still enjoyed this, so good effort but not the best issue.


Description (Comixology): With the Great Champion away, the city is vulnerable to Goodfoot's machinations.