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Alex + Ada #15

ALEX + ADA #15 - IDW Comics

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The final issue. MAJOR SPOILERS


Alex goes to jail. Ada has been torn apart and boxed up. The person who turned Alex in was not who we all thought- and the reasons are mind blowingly awful. Alex is released after 25 years in jail (!!!)  He gets Ada back and people fix her up but she’s basically gone.  But somehow, after digging in Ada’s system, Alex is able to fix Ada up back to her old self.  And also sentients got rights to exist. Funny how I decided to read this on the day the US Supreme court rules in favor of marriage equality for gays and lesbians.


This issue was a real emotional rollercoaster, but in a good way. It had a very happy ending and very believable to.  I definitely recommend the series, even if it’s over. What a fun ride it was.