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Technically Magic #1

Technically Magic #1 - Gary Turner

3.5 Stars, Borrow

Self Purchase, Kickstarter, paperback

Definitely like Zawa’s character. She and her instructor Skirnir, meet Kai and his Golem on the beach. They decide to allow Kai and the Golem to travel with them and so they make camp. Kai follows Zawa and Skirnir when they go off to deal with a problem which turns out to be zombies. And that’s about it.


I really like the art, it’s especially nice. I love how it fills the pages and there is not any large borders which eat up the limited art space. The colors are fantastic, bright and bold and really grabbed my attention Ok, here is where I turn into a book nerd.  I LOVE the feel of the paper as I’m reading this. It’s awesome and pretty. However, I feel like the story still needs work. It still feels disjointed (I recently reviewed issue #0) and choppy. I don’t see a good flow and it’s all rather confusing.  I’m still glad I supported this kickstarter (and will potentially support again if they do more issues) however, the story does need more smoothing out. I also have issue #2 which I’ll review either tomorrow or next week and I’m keeping my fingers crossed it improves a bit. Overall, a great read for kids as they might not be as particular as an adult.