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The Autumnlands: Tooth + Claw #3

The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw #3 - Ben Pewey, Kurt Busiek

5 Stars, Buy it.


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So the champion doesn’t seem to know he’s the champion and he is confused as to where he is.  Two of the animal characters are arguing and then Goodfoot enters - possibly a fox as they are known to be sly and tricksters.Councillor Sandorst- is the owl and is attempting to take charge and seems to be making friends with Goodfoot. Gharta- is the warthog and seems to be being pushed out of the way by Sandorst and Goodfoot. Meanwhile, the champion comes back to help the others who aren’t being protected by other animals (who are headed by Gharta). OK seriously, don’t like Sandorst, not that we are supposed to. But really what an obnoxious Owl. Also the Champion curses like a Sailor (so do I, so I don’t mind). The issue ends with Goodfoot going to talk to the enemy Bison.


This comic continues to impress me with its art work and its writing.  I’m a huge fan of animals, so talking animal comics is just up my ally. And it shouldn’t be a suprise to any comic fan that this comic is put out by Image (one of the best publishers for comics out there).  If you like fantasy and talking animals, I really recommend this. The writing is great and I find myself caring about the characters. Definitely an awesome comic to read.


Description (Comixology): Enter: Goodfoot the Sly. Is she here to help the wizards...or herself? [Hint: herself.]