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Technically Magic #0

Technically Magic - Gary Turner

3.5 Stars, Borrow it


Self Purchase, Kickstarter, Physical copy


First Impression: Art is great, story is not so bad.


This is the story of Kai, who is living on a spaceship. Because this is a young adult comic, there are of course bullies and such. However, the crew of this ship is forced to abandonship, leaving Kai behind in a pod. There is a section of tribal people on a planet and I found that part a bit confusing.  Kai lands on this planet called Urth and there it ends with the tribal people finding him on a beach.


I really like the art, but feel like the story line could be improved a bit. I found parts to be disjointed and not making sense. But this is issue #0 so I’m holding out hope that it will get better in the next two issues.  This is a kickstarter comic that I supported and received.  I also have issues #1 and #2 and will hope to review those soon as well.