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The October Faction #8

The October Faction #8 - Damien Worm, Steve Niles

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The kids are going to be trained as monster killers finally.  They are told to stay in the house no matter what the cost and then just survive.  Of course, they are terrified. First up a vampire.   Several other monster attack and this issue is left on a cliff hanger. ARRRRGGGG it’s going to suck waiting for the next issue of this.  I know I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating, this is what I wanted Locke and Keye to be. (I may go back to that eventually but I’m not sure).


This issue was bloody fantastic (pun sort of intended).  The art and colors kicked ass and the story was a lot of fun. The cliffhanger ending was frustrating but I’m definitely looking forward to the next issue. If you like horror at all (and honestly I normally don’t) you should really like this series. It’s very original, the writing is great and the art is perfect and totally adds to the mood. Highly recommend this.


Description (Comixology):Fredrick agrees the kids are finally ready to join the family business as monster hunters, so class is in session! Today is their first day of training, and they have just one assignment... survive.