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Oh, Hell Volume 1: Chyrsalides

Oh, Hell Volume 1: Chyrsalides - G. Wassil

4.5 Stars, Buy it


Self Purchase, Kickstarter, Physical paperback edition


First Impression:  Seems pretty awesome.


So a bunch of very troubled teenagers get sent off to boarding school which turns out to be in hell. The main character is a girl named Abigail- but goes by Zoel. I love her messy look and multiple hair colors. In between chapters there are pages that are done up like school papers and they describe all sorts of problems that Abigail has been getting into.  Zoel shares a room with two guys. Zipper I believe is the black guy and I'm not sure of other dudes name. Zoe's enemy in school is Alese.


Chapter one is basically about how the kids all get to the school. Chapter two is where things start to get weird. The headmaster turns all demony and is searching the students to find potential demons. Things also start to get graphic and violent in this chapter. in chapter three, Zoel is dealing with emotions of various sorts and now the kids have an assignment which is about stealing a soul. in chapter four Zoel dealing with more issues and then the students have to show off the soul they stole. Zipper managed to capture soul of demon.  the headmaster wants the from soul and Zoel confronts him. In chapter five Zoel escapes the school and runs home to her adoptive mother. Zoel is put into an institution- this made me anxious. Meanwhile, Zipper has been assigned to bring Zoel back to school. I’m going to leave the chapter summaries there as I don’t want to ruin this for anyone.


Overall this was a fantastic story, I wasn’t sure if I’d like it but I was hoping.  The art is great and so is the writing. The teenagers are troubled and are believable.  I’m really glad I helped fund this on Kickstarter and really hope they will do another volume (and it looks like they will). It can be a bit gory and scary so this is definitely not meant for young people.  But it is a lot of fun and really think you shouldn’t miss this.