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Lumberjanes #15

Lumberjanes #15 - Shannon Watters

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Jen is still stuck in Abigail’s cabin while the girls are out in the freak snowstorm looking for her. Barney builds an amazing shelter while everyone is looking for Jen. Rosie appears on Abigail’s door step and there is a reunion of sorts- they had some form of relationship that is hinted at.. Meanwhile the girls are attacked by another monster (of course). Rosie discovers what Abigail has been doing all these years.


This was a super awesome issue. It was lots of fun, has danger and just about everyone is in this issue. And of course it’s left on a hell of a cliff hanger so I’ll be dying for the next issue.I definitely recommend this issue. Definitely a favorite issue of the month!  If you aren’t reading this series, you really need to be.


Description (Comixology): As the unnatural blizzard rages on, the Lumberjanes continue their search for Jen, who learns more about the mysterious bear woman and her ties to Rosie and the Lumberjanes.