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Saga #29

SAGA #29 (MR) - Cool Image


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First Impression: Seems better so far at least than a few of the previous issues.


Plot/Storyline: Sadly, Yuma is gone. I did like her character.  Meanwhile, Alana is about to be killed (NNOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!) And Marko is off doing something and getting himself in trouble.  I really wish in Saga they would have done summaries at the beginning of each issue. I read so many comics that sometimes I just need a little reminder of what was going on previously. Not all comics need it, but Saga really does. I know reading it in graphic novel form would help but I don’t have the patience to wait for them. Also a refresher on some of the characters would help. I really wish I had a better memory. There are some funny scenes while some of the other characters are collecting animal jizz. Yes, you read that right. In any case, this was better than some of the other most recent issues, but not as good as the beginning arc(s). I still love the art, but waiting for Marko and Alana to get back together is driving me up a wall. I still recommend buying the series.


Description (Comixology): The Last Revolution makes their move.