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Feathers #6

Feathers #6 - Jorge Corona

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Poe’s father and Bianca meet up. Meanwhile, Poe is being held captive.  Poe discovers who the mysterious person is. Bianca and Poe’s father manage to find Poe though it’s sort of unclear how they do this. Of course the mysterious person has taken all of Poe’s feathers by this time. POe is rescued and then shoves himself down this hole with the mysterious person. Bianca fears he’s dead but he comes flying back in the window with the feathers back on him. While I liked this issue well enough, it definitely wasn’t as good as the others in the series. I felt like things were left unexplained and that it was rather anti climatic.  I really felt like this could have been an ongoing series but unfortunately it ends with this issue (and it really isn’t that great of an ending).


Description (Comixology):Final issue! When he tracks the Scarf Man to his secret lair, and with Bianca, R, and Z's lives at stake, Poe comes face-to-face with the man who's been kidnapping the Mice from the Maze.