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The Wicked + The Divine #8

The Wicked + The Divine #8 - Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson


3 Stars, Borrow it


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Laura and Cassandra go to a party to investigate (possibly Lucifer’s murder?).. Laura gets high from one of the Gods. What happens after that I’m not entirely sure.  I’m not liking this story arc as much as I did the first one but will continue to read the series.  I still really love Laura’s character and I love the pagany gods. Just wish this arc was less confusing!! Also, the art is super weird but it definitely portrays the party scene accurately and it doesn’t last entire issue.   

Description (Comixology): Now the eleventh god is here, it's time to party. You're invited. Everyone's invited. We can sleep when we're dead-but when you'll be dead within two years, you may as well turn up in your pyjamas. After seven issues of egomaniacs, it's time for an issue where the crowd is the star.