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Lumberjanes #14

Lumberjanes #14 - Shannon Watters

3.5 Stars, buy it/borrow it


Self Purchase, Comixology


The girls are out camping when a freak snowstorm hits. Jen gets separated from the group and is surrounded by wild creatures of some sort.  Rosie shows up to help the girls. Jen is rescued by a mysterious woman who hunts magical creatures. The girls of course go out to rescue Jen and end up meeting some of the scouting lads. Meanwhile Rosie meets up with the weird lady and so Rosie goes off to rescue Jen from Abigail’s clutches.


Decent issue, fun, magical creatures and trouble of course. The art is pretty consistant and the story is always fun.  Not really sure where this story line is going to go but it seems ok right now. I wish there had been more focus on the girls but you can’t do that all the time I suppose. Not my favorite story line so far but I’m sure it will improve.


Description (Comixology): When a freak snow storm hits the camp, Jen gets lost! It's up to Rosie and the girls to find their Roanoke cabin leader. As they search, Jen comes across the path of a mysterious taxidermist who rides a moose. What the junk is she up to?