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The Hawley Book of the Dead

The Hawley Book of the Dead: A Novel - Chrysler Szarlan


3.5 Stars, Borrow it


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Decently written and easy to read. I like the characters well enough but they aren’t memorable I’m going to forget them in a day. I like the supernatural abilities the mom and the daughters have. The plot is decent but confusing. At one point this book is very supernatural oriented but by the end of the book it was more a thriller or a Jeffrey Deaver book. Pick one type and stick to it. I found it an odd mixture.   Somehow, NPR had this on their best books of the year of 2014. I really can’t understand why.  It’s decent, and a good book but I’m not overly enthusiastic about it. It’s average and nothing exceptional.  Most of the way through the book I kept thinking this is a 3 star but by the ending I’d nudged it a little because I was interested enough to finish it. And my heart was racing just a little at the end.   Also a side note, I know I really like a book when I miss or nearly miss my metro stop (commuting to work). I never missed or almost missed a stop with this.