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Lumberjanes #13

Lumberjanes #13 - Brooke A. Allen, Shannon Watters,  Noelle Stevenson


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Stand alone issue where we learn about the girls and how they became friends. One of the girls, Jo, apparently has gay dads. YEAY!!!! Ripley comes from a huge family full of kids and starts camp out with peanutbutter in her hair. April instantly makes friends with Ripley. Mal and Molly meet up and sparks already are flying. Jo and April already know each other. Ripley’s toy unicorn is taken by some animal and the girls all go racing to help her. And so Lumberjanes begins


Now to actually write a bit of a review.  Honestly, this is what the first issue should have been. This was an awesome introduction to all of the characters and how they meet up.  If you haven’t started this series, I really recommend reading this as number one and then afterwards start at the beginning.  I really really loved this issue. It was fun, it was a wonderful first look at how the girls met up.  A total blast. And I love how GLBT just naturally just shows up and it isn’t forced. LOVE this series. Read it now.


Description (Comixology): Special stand-alone issue with original series artist Brooke Allen. Ever wonder how the Lumberjanes first met? Take a trip back to the first day at camp and see how their friendship to the max got started.