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The Only LIving Boy #2

The Only Living Boy #2 - David Gallaher, Steve Ellis

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I like how Erik, a youngish boy actually carries around a teddy bear with him (ok so its part of a backpack). It’s nice to see a boy that is willing to be a little vulnerable despite everything that is going on with him and his world.  Erik is alone after the escape from the prison. He is chased by demons and eventually caught by the groundlings- which turns out to be a good thing.  The groundlings, despite their not so great appearance, are actually kinda funny.  But then they turn on Erik. And of course, this is left on another cliffhanger. Fortunately, I still have number 3 before I’m all caught up.  Definitely a fun comic, especially if you like young adult graphic novels as much as me. (Just as an FYI, I discovered this series via Humble Bundle but have purchased issue 2 and 3 from comixology).


Description (Comixology): The Only Living Boy ... At The Mercy Of The Groundlings

Lost and alone in an alien world, Erik finds himself at the mercy of the Groundlings.