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Chirault - Ally Rom Colthoff

4 Stars, buy it


Self Purchase, Kickstarter


I definitely like the art.  I just wish it were in full color. There is only partial color. One color for one story line and another for the other. That’s pretty neat. The only issue I really have with the art is that in the smaller panels, it’s hard to see details. That might be because of the inking.

I absolutely adore Teeko- she’s sweet and innocent and adorable. She looks like a human and a cat had a baby. Kiran is a demon hunter who also happens to be a demon. He’s a bit cranky at times but I still like him.


As I mentioned above, this is a kickstarter comic.  Also included in my package, I got a side short story (which I’ll review soon), some stickers (which I’ve put in my handwritten book blogging notebook) and a pretty nifty bookmark. All of which I loved. Also, this is autographed plus has a hand drawing of one of the characters.


Anyway, great little comic (it’s actually a webcomic), great story, great characters. I only wish it were in full color so it might be a little easier to tell the characters apart.  I like that there is a full color cast section at the back of the book, but it doesn’t help that much when the story part of the comic isn’t in the same full color.


Description (from back of book): The world is not a peaceful place. A young half demon named Teeko has been forced from her home, and to make matters worse, is now the size of a squirrel thanks to a wayward magic spell. Her only protection is the demon-hunter Kiran, who is a demon himself and lacks patience for children. Together, they must seek the help of a mage to reverse the spell on Teeko. But the Mage Guild has problems of their own; They've created an enchanted orb with the power to destroy cities and must find a way to control or dismantle it, before it's too late.