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Feathers #5

Feathers #5 - Jorge Corona


5 Stars, buy it.

Poe is feeling alone and betrayed. He meets up with Z and they are trying to free the captured Mice. Meanwhile Bianca is trying to help Poe. She gets help from an unexpected source.  However, Poe walks into a trap and is caught. He is offered to get rid of his feathers and the scarf man would let all the mice go.  Of course that is where the issue ends.  Even worse, there is only one more issue to this mini series. Bummer as I really love it. Love the story, love the art. If you like young adult graphic novels you’ll love this.


Description (Comixology): Feeling alone and betrayed by Bianca and Gabriel, Poe finds a humbled and apologetic Z, who tells him that all the Mice have been taken by the Scarf Man.