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The Only LIving Boy #1

The Only Living Boy - David Gallaher, Steve Ellis


4.5 Stars, Buy it


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First Impression- I really like the art style.


A young boy runs away from his past that he can’t remember. He wakes up in a world not his own. Fairies! So of course I’m going to have to keep reading this. Of course there are monsters too.  Erik, the young boy, is forced to fight for his life. The creature he fights turns out to be Morgan, a creature who had earlier saved his life. Another creature is thrown into the mix and then they all escape the prisons where they were being held.  That is my general summary of issue #1.  


I hate it when I see ratings on something I haven’t read yet.  I never can tell if it has affected my opinion.  I really like this story, so far anyway.  I love the art and the bright colors.  Maybe the writing could improve a little, but it’s definitely not terrible.  My rating is higher than other people’s on comixology. I always feel like I’ve done something wrong or I missed something when I like something other people don’t. In anycase, I’m going to subscribe to the series because it has potential for me.


Description: (Comixology): Lost, without his memory, in an unfamiliar world, Erik Farrell must piece together a new life for himself. Can he survive as the only living boy left in the world?