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All-New X-Men #40

All New X-Men #40 - Brian Michael Bendis

4.5 Stars, art and story


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I’m just dropping in in the middle here so I definitely appreciate the summary they have provided. I don’t know all of the X-Men but I’m going to be happy to learn them. Also, I had read about this issue SPOILER and how one character is outed and I’m always eager to read about GLBT characters so I knew I had to read this. Never mind the fact Bendis is writing this. Anyway the moment of coming out for this one character seemed well done and believable. Touching and sweet and realistic. Bonus points there.  I am definitely going to have to go back and catch up on the volumes so I know what stuff they are referring to.  And this is definitely decent enough to subscribe too and so I shall.  This is definitely hard to review without knowing what’s going on.  One character is sort of outed privately. And then two other characters who I know nothing about hook up. Both of those characters seem really interesting.  Other than that I really don’t know what’s going on. But I plan on finding out as I really liked all of these characters.