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Lazarus #16

Lazarus #16 - Michael Lark, Greg Rucka

3.5 Stars, borrow it


In this issue, we learn about the Hock family via a nun. While I don’t mind issues like this, I can’t give it 4 or 5 stars because I’m  more interested in Forever than about a random num. But maybe there will be a purpose for this issue in the future. This being said though, I still liked it.  But I didn’t like having to read a lot of text that was the nun’s diary.  There were some other pages that I couldn’t really tell what they were about because I read this on my computer and couldn’t zoom in to see what the pages were about.  OverallI really felt like this was just a filler issue and hope the next issue we are back to our regular characters.


Description (From Comixology): The Conclave has ended, and the world once more is falling to chaos and violence. Sister Bernard travels between Family Domains, ministering to the Waste...and acting as a spy for the Carlyle Family.