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Lumberjanes #11

Lumberjanes #11 - Shannon Watters, N/A

4 Stars, Buy it


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Mal and Molly are in another dimension and run into an old camp leader.  Meanwhile, the other girls are taking various classes trying to earn regular Lumberjane badges. I love all the characters even if I can’t always remember all of their names. I love the racoon named bubbles. I discovered this series via Humble Bundle and I liked it enough to find it on Comixology and subscribe to i.  At first I didn’t like the art a lot but its grown on me and now I think its good.   I think what I especially like about the series is its silliness  how it doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Definitely recommend for any graphic novel/comic readers.

Description (From Comixology): Mal and Molly are on an adventure they don't really understand, but they will rely on each other to make it back to their friends and camp. What is the Bear Woman up to this time? And what are Jo, April, and Ripley up to while their friends fight for their lives?