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The October Faction #5

October Faction #5 - Steve Niles

5 Stars, buy it


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Description: Geoff is sick and tired of a certain Robot-Faced menace stalking his sister and threatening his father, so the two have an all-out brawl to settle the score. Meanwhile, Lucas reveals a terrible secret to his former partner, and an old enemy of the Allan family comes back from the dead!


Love the cover on this. And the internal art is awesome as well. I love the dark colors which definitely adds to the mood. I pretty much love everything about this comic. I love the writing, I love the characters, I love the paranormal bits and the horror bits.  This is the comic I wanted Locke and Key to be but wasn’t. I like Locke and Key still but this is better. Highly recommend for graphic novel fans but only if you like dark stuff.