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Feathers #2

Feathers #2 (Feathers: 2) - Jorge Corona, Jorge Corona

4.5 Stars, buy it


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I just realized this is a mini series. I haz a sad. In any case, Bianca and Poe start to become friends. We learn more about the maze and the mice and what Poe does with his time. And at the end Poe’s father is not please he has made a friend.   This continues to be strong and I’m really enjoying this a lot. Poe is fun and sweet while Bianca is lots of trouble. They will make a great team. Definitely worth buying if you like young adult graphic novels.


Description: Fresh from their near-miss escape from the Guards, Bianca and Poe strike a deal: If he guides her through the treacherous Maze, she will take him to see the White Guide, a feathered statue in the City that may hold the key to Poe's origins. It's an adventure that will take them from the lowest shadows to the highest rooftops, with untold dangers along the way...and not everyone in the Maze is happy about their new alliance.