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Bone Vol 8 Treasure Hunters

Bone, Vol. 8: Treasure Hunters - Jeff Smith

5 Stars, buy it


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Everybit as good as the other volumes. Fantastic, great for kids of all ages. I know all of my reread reviews on these are all the same but when a series is that great, you can’t help but repeat yourself with how awesome it is.  The art is fantastic and so is the writing. I Love Lucius and how cranky he is. Of course the bones are awesome. And the Stupid Stupid Rat Creatures are hilarious, but I love only Bartleby. I highly recommend this series to everyone.


Summary (From Amazon): Tensions come to a head in the eighth epic volume of the BONE series. The Bone cousins, Gran'ma Ben, and Thorn finally reach the city of Atheia, where they reunite with old friends and plan to thwart The Lord of the Locusts. The Pawan army has joined forces with Briar and the rat creatures, and danger increases as Thorn's visions get stronger. Meanwhile, Phoney Bone is convinced Atheia is a city rich in gold, and he is determined to find it!